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Fall Fasting & Other Fun Stuff

It’s a gloomy Monday morning and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than sitting out on my screened-in porch, enjoying the chilly breeze with a hot cup of coffee. My job is remote and although I have a (messy) office in the house, I typically do most of my work out here with a view of the canals behind my house.


Things are still a little messy after last weekend’s hurricane prep!

The truth is, I set up a bunch of fall goals that I just haven’t been keeping (refer to last post that was around 6 weeks ago). I’m not going to dwell on it here, but I know I said I was going to blog more often and it’s disappointing (to me) that I haven’t been keeping it up. Maybe if I would keep to the “shorter workouts” promise, that would free up some time? I should be able to bang it out in an hour or less, but it’s rare that I’m at the gym less than 90 minutes. Hell, I feel if I’m driving 1/2 hour to and from, I want my time there to be worth it. When I work out at home, I tend to keep to the hour promise (including yoga). Shorter workouts, shorter blogs? We’ll see.

One thing that I’ve been doing that has yielded good results is working out at the end of a 19 hour fast. About a decade ago, I was very much into Intermittent Fasting (IF) and got rather lean following the “The Alternate Day Diet” aka JUDDD (Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet). What this entails is eating 500 calories or less on down days and basically whatever you want on up days. And by this, I do mean whatever you want! I think back then I wasn’t quite as health conscious as I am now (amazing how a decade changes you) and was eating a lot of vegan junk food on my up days (I recall a lot of vegan ice cream pints being consumed). The down side of this, I know now, was that I felt positively famished by the middle of my down day. I needed more nutritionally dense foods, but honestly, all I cared about was the weight melting off.

JUDDD also made for difficulty in social life planning. I recall being on a 3 week trip to Italy, and trying hard to fall asleep super hungry and obsessing over all the amazing food I’d get to eat the next day. Anyone who succeeds on Intermittent Fasting long term will tell you that you need to not obsess about food while fasting. Use that clearer thinking to do great things and all! But, all I could think about was a huge bowl of pasta with marinara sauce and soy gelato. Um, who fasts while on vacation in Italy, anyway?! Me and my stupid ideas. But you can see I’m pretty disciplined when I set my mind to it. I didn’t cheat in Italy.

I soon switched to Fast Five (you eat within a five hour window daily), figuring it would work better within my lifestyle and I did find it a lot easier. I think I kept that up for about a year, maybe more, but when I moved out of NYC, my lifestyle changed drastically and I had a lot more downtime making the whole not eating thing really hard, so I just stopped.

And now I’m back. It’s been two months without straying and I feel great and (daresay) I look pretty good, too. Nutrition is my focus, although some days might be more nutritionally dense than others. That IF makes you appreciate food more is fact. This go around, I’m so appreciative of good food, that I don’t want to waste my eating window with subpar food (or junk).

But enough about that! There’s writing to think about (I was back at my novel rewrite for a while at the end of Summer), and tonight I’ll be going hard at my French lessons so that I can communicate a little better when I’m in Montreal next week.

And Halloween is coming! I have several parties that I’ll be attending and I have costumes in mind that I need to get working on. This past weekend, Danny and I decided to do a late afternoon stroll through the French Quarter. I love it this time of year. It was warm out, but not so stifling hot that everything reeks of (unmentionables). Yeah, the crowds are slowly trickling back in, but it’s not as crazy packed as it’ll be two weekends from now, the weekend before Halloween. I actually won’t even be around for that because I’ll be in Montreal, but I’ll be back in time to celebrate Halloween night here in NOLA!


I really don’t love clowns at all, but how cool is this house in the French Quarter? Sorry that car is ruining things a bit…

I’ve been traveling a fair amount (New York a couple times and Toronto) since my last post, but now I’m home for a bit. I’ll put up another post this week, because I had some pretty amazing food. This coming weekend is Rougarou Fest in Houma, LA and this week I’ll be getting together my swamp witch costume.

So, those goals… there’s no time like today to get a real start on them! The chill in the air inspires me.

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New York girl in a Southern (and Eastern Canadian) world these days. Lives in New Orleans. Tries –and fails – to travel light. Vegan. Loves to eat. Loves to drink wine. Loves to write. Always fitting in a workout. Avoids camping at all costs. Loves experiencing new places/different cultures. Always laughing at myself.

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