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In Anticipation of Summer…

Just a short post for now to share some exciting news and a bit of a new direction for this blog.

For the past two days the weather has been perfect here in New Orleans, almost unbearably so because we know what’s in store for us. For the past two mornings, I sat on my screened-in porch overlooking the canals in my backyard, feeling chilled enough that I wore long sleeves and drank hot cappuccinos. What?! Typically, by now I’ve made the switch to espresso shots poured into mason jars full of ice, ready to bravely face the humidity. “Enjoy it while you can,” everyone is saying. There won’t be mornings like this again until early October.

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and the big news is this: on Saturday, I’ll be bringing my new boat home. On Sunday we’ll christen her. I’m so excited for the possibilities that having a boat will bring us. I’m so excited to learn how to drive a boat! I can’t even imagine some of the sights I’ll now be privy to, right in my own backyard and beyond (this boat can take us straight across the Gulf to Mexico… though I doubt that will be happening anytime soon). I hope to be sharing a lot of my adventures on here plus capturing some moments on my IG.

Spring is almost over and what a great season it’s been for me. I’ve traveled for both leisure and work. I returned to Italy, spending most of my time in Florence, with a ton of day trips sprinkled in. I’ll be posting some travelogues in the next week or two. Over the Spring, I’ve also made trips to San Antonio a couple of times, Dallas/FTW, Toronto and Montreal. While in Montreal, I made two new vegan restaurant discoveries, Lov and Crudessence (which is raw vegan). Behold the delicious sights:


Raw vegan BLT made with eggplant


Raw vegan cheese plate

I’ve said before the only thing that I deeply miss from my brief break from veganism (after being vegan for 16 years I took a 5 year hiatus and ate cheese occasionally) several years ago are cheese plates. Those glorious boards of tiny bits of cheese, piles of nuts and dried fruits and olives. But feast your eyes on the above. That raw vegan cheese (made from nuts) is just as delicious and gives you that decadent feeling without the unhealthiness of dairy (bonus: cruelty-free luxury is the best kind of luxury!) I kept a mostly raw diet about four and a half years ago and felt the best, looked the best I ever had. It’s just not the easiest thing to keep up, especially if you eat out and travel as much as I do. It can also be pretty expensive. You eat a lot more and if you don’t have the time to dehydrate things, you’re going to pay a lot for convenience.

To be honest, Spring never was my favorite season. It feels so stagnant. I lived in New York for most of my life, and you are constantly feeling like it’s just never going to get warm again. March is the most endless month, but April isn’t much better. But then, those tulips pop up and bloom and you start to feel a little bit of hope. You’re still frustrated with the grayness outside and you might even plant some jasmine in defiance to the weather gods and while the plants might need to be brought inside a couple times, suddenly one night it feels warm enough to sit out on a patio for dinner and breathe in that sultry tropical scent.

In New Orleans, spring is typically non existent. After all, on Mardi Gras day, it was actually in the 80s. We’ve had a long spring this year (I don’t think I’ve had the heat on since early February) and although the past year or so had me a bit weary with the heat by early September, this year, I’m kind of like bring it on, because hello, I’ll have a boat!

Right now, I’m out on the porch enjoying the warmth of the evening, admiring the sun setting behind the palms across the canal, with a glass of almost frozen Champagne. It’s Friday night and all I want to do is write & dream.

Check in with me next week…


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New York girl in a Southern (and Eastern Canadian) world these days. Lives in New Orleans. Tries –and fails – to travel light. Vegan. Loves to eat. Loves to drink wine. Loves to write. Always fitting in a workout. Avoids camping at all costs. Loves experiencing new places/different cultures. Always laughing at myself.

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