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Farewell to (a Travel-Filled) August

I’m in town for a spell. Speaking of spells (insert ghost, alien and demon emojis here), it’s officially Halloween season, baby! Not that it’s anywhere near cooling down here in New Orleans, but hello Labor Day Weekend and the banishment of white linen to the back of the closet (not that I own any white linen. Or white clothes). Yeah, that pumpkin spice latte may be truly disgusting but I like the idea of it being back on the scene (just don’t call me basic). My obsession with all things Autumnal is the subject matter for another post, but just know that I am terribly excited to receive a rather large order of fall-scented candles any day now (especially Yankee Candle Witches’ Brew  which is not only seasonal, but sells out by mid-September).

So, where have I been lately? August was a pretty travel-packed month for me. Early in the month, I had a couple nights in Memphis. I was home for 10 days before heading off to Toronto, then NYC to see my family, then San Francisco for our annual Yelp Community Manager Week, and finally to Nashville. I worked. I saw friends and family. I explored my beloved Coney Island with Danny. We walked the High Line one day. We went to a lot of bars. But the best part? I ate. I really ate. Each of the cities I visited boast great variety for vegans. Standouts include an abundance of greens at my favorite casual healthy joint in Toronto, Fresh on Queen, vegan pizza at Pauly Gee’s in Brooklyn, and a decadent sandwich at *gasp* Cinnamon Snail in Manhattan.


Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich at Cinnamon Snail=Bliss


Gorgeous Superfood Salad at Fresh on Queen, Toronto


Hot Chicken-style Tempeh at Graze in Nashville

This is the truth: when I landed in Nashville last week, I literally dropped my bags off in my hotel room and immediately headed over to Graze so I could indulge in their famous hot chicken-style tempeh biscuit. It’s that good.

Let it be known that I’m positively giddy just thinking about all the great food I ate over 10 days out of town.

So, about all that sightseeing I did… but wait, let’s talk about food again! I jest.


After all these years, still terrified on the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island PS. Back to Bangs



A visit to NYC is not complete without a visit to Decibel

I have no plans for trips longer than a couple nights until early October and I’m going to make the most of my time home. Painting may even be on the horizon (dare I attempt to get my office in order?!) It may not feel fall-like in NOLA for about two more months, but that’s OK. I’m counting the days until I’ll be able to open all the windows in the house and let in cool breezes and the spooky sounds of huge swamp birds squawking in the middle of the night as they fly over the dark canals behind my house.

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