Short, Direct Flights + Drinkin’ While Airborne…

*written at home after a quick 70 min flight from Nashville to NOLA

The rare direct flight left me kind of yearning for a longer travel day yesterday… OK, that’s a big stinkin’ lie, but the reality is, such short flights don’t leave a lot of time for introspection and/or writing. And these short flights always seem to be chock full of turbulence, which means I’m usually too busy yearning for a cocktail that will never come because the flight attendants are advised to remain seated throughout the duration of the flight. I don’t begrudge them this, but I can’t deny that what with the delay in take off and all, a large small part of me was thinking, “hey, being that you know you’re hitting weather between cities, now would be a great time to start serving those drinks!”

I’m not that difficult, I swear. I’m not kidding when I say I’m nothing but sweet as pie to flight attendants, especially those on South West, because they really are my favorite flight attendants ever. Remember those short lived reality show, Airline? Well, it’s just like that! They make funny quips to each other on the PA, sing Happy Birthday and are prone to even saying stuff like, “Welcome to Sunny Honolulu” when touching down in a less than Honolulu-like city. They are so full of the funnies when I’m not consumed by mortal terror!

I don’t even really drink on domestic flights. Just those endless Transatlantic voyages. I mean, alcohol dehydrates you like nothing else. And it makes you have to keep peeing. But add a dose of weatherific conditions and I’m all but begging for the Chardonnay (I can’t do the cheap reds anymore and sparkling wine isn’t available on SWA flights). I have tons of free drink tickets (lucky you if you’re sitting near me b/c I tend to gift my coupons that are about to expire).

Stay tuned for next week when I’m on a very non direct flight to Toronto!

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